Marketing Strategies Of Ryan Air Essay

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Ryan Air is one of the largest airline companies in Europe. It has gained a large recognition in its scheduled passenger carrier. They are known for their cheap airfares. Ryan Air has done many effective things in order to make a place in the airline industry. It has made travelling more convenient and accessible for passengers in Europe and also has beaten records for being on time. In order for Ryanair to become more successful and retain its position 20 years from now Ryanair needs to follow various marketing strategies, analysis and some penetration.

We will start our analysis with one of the most important marketing tools, in order to achieve Ryanair’s goal of reaching 110 million passengers by the year 2019. Per the STEEPLE+E analysis we find that in the Political factor there is the EU-US. Open Skies Agreement allows US airlines to operate within Europe but prevents European airlines from operating in the US, this creates bigger competition for Ryanair, as they are not allowed through the American Airlines. (Ex. can’t buy stocks). A second issue we find in the political factor is the emissions trading scheme, which imposes a carbon tax on EU airlines within EU airspace. US and China airlines have an advantage of not bearing this cost of the emissions scheme. In terms of the economic factor we find that the situation isn 't as favourable because of rising oil prices and the hedging strategies will prevent any reductions in oil prices in the near future. In Europe,…

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