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INTRODUCTION Marketing strategies varies from one market to another and from one product to another. For example the marketing strategy of Daewoo is different from Ford. The main marketing strategy of Daewoo was how to break onto the relatively mature USA market in order to become a meaningful player in a short period of time, while ford's problem was basically an internally focused one, indicating how IT influenced the organization design and global marketing strategy. Company

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1) Quality- they put the quality of their products first and foremost. Without a quality product, people will have no desire to waste their money or jeopardize their safety.

2) Customer Care- If you don't take care of the Customer, someone else will.

3) Constant Improvement- If the Ford Motor Company allowed them to remain stagnant in their environment, their competition would eventually have a huge advantage over them, because they would have newer and better product lines to offer.

4) Employee Involvement- Ford wants each and every employee to be involved in their company. The happier the employee, the better he works. It is all about feeling that they are part of the Ford Team. They also want their employees to think like consumers and not like employees of a car company. Once they start thinking like a consumer, they can cater more to the needs of their actual consumers because they will know what the consumers want.

5) They consider dealers and suppliers to be their partners- without the dealers and suppliers Ford would not be able to manufacture the things they need alone and therefore would not be able to produce as many vehicles as there would be a demand for or even be able to distribute them all to
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