Essay Marketing Strategies For A Strategic Marketing

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Marketing strategies in a strategic marketing can enable organisations such as Zotter to select the most appropriate outputs, products, and services to generate desirable outcomes for consumers. Marketing and management are the management processes for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying user needs. Organisations like Zotter can become more focused on the products that they forget to consider the needs of consumers. It can be considered as the approach that enables the organisation to consider needs of consumers at first priority. The ideas and strategies of marketing can influence the fulfilment of needs of consumers (Sullivan Mort, et al., 2012). Figure 2: Plan of Case Analysis

3.2. Marketing Problem 1
Zotter has been facing challenge regarding increase in sales through expansion of his brand beyond chocolate related products. It can be said that the organisation has been considering certain ideas of expanding into a range of beauty products based on chocolate such as creamy chocolate soap bars and soothing cocoa butter creams. Along with this idea, the organisation has been considering the establishment of farm with ducks, cows, goats, and chicken next to the Chocolate Theatre. Mr Zotter contemplated selling organic meats and spices. It is possible for Zotter to attract people for questioning the origins of products through which he can relate to the chocolate sourcing.
It is known that the introduction of new products consistently is important for the success…

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