Essay about Marketing Strategies And Marketing Plans From The Case Study

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Assessment 1
1. Give a brief review on marketing strategies and marketing plans from the case study.
Marketing strategies
a. Product strategy
Green power’s is currently working on two products, the Green Bike and Green Light. The company will try to develop it brand and diversify its product line.
b. Pricing strategy
Affordability of Green power equipment’s will be considered where simple cost-plus pricing strategy will be used. Parts, shipping, labour and distribution costs are $15 per unit.
c. Marketing communication strategy
Marketing for communication Green power products will be the use of Word of Mouth and radio. Moreover, further emphasize will be on development of awareness of our product and demonstrate its usage by the local communities.

Marketing plan
The Green power unit will be purchased by local merchants with the intent to start a micro business in his or her villager. The bike will provide power to charge electronic devices via a DC plug. The entrepreneur will charge villagers a fee to have their devices charged. Moreover, a lending program will be established by Green Power.

Green light LED lamps will be produced by Green power; it uses a high intensity LED to provide space lighting. This product will be mass-produced later in Haiti. It has no intention of implementing price skimming or penetration pricing for the Green light. The $18.45 is already a price where it takes substantial sales volumes to break even.

Good relation with local government is…

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