Marketing Simulation Game As A Group Essay

764 Words Dec 10th, 2016 4 Pages
In this marketing simulation game as a group, we experience success and failures through trials and tribulations learning how to compete in technology world bringing quality products to customers across the world. We had to study the market from our competitors to know how to adapt to the market and also how to reach customer needs and wants. We researched the marketing field to make a decision on what the initial market segment we wanted to target in. In which we collectively chose our target sections to get involve in because it represented the common businessman technology that has a high value of quality at an affordable rate. Next started to open sales offices where we believe our products will thrive in the markets to increase our popularity and to compete with the already successful companies like Dell, Apple, HP, and others. We learned from our test market experience and to proficiently adjust our marketing schemes and procedures to progress on our performance. There were many methods that were used measure our performance that provided information that was used to modify our calculated decisions, and to increase improvement for our chances to have success in the marketplace. We carefully watch market demand and market share in targeted segments, branding, pricing and advertisements results. Each quarter we learn quality information on our up and downs in the market on how to succeed in the next quarter and what mistakes to not make again. The adjustments we made,…

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