Essay on Marketing Segmentation : The Market Segmentation

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Since the market segmentation is one of advanced and effective way for the businesses to retain customers and create lifelong relationships with their customers, every business currently, is utilizing this technique. Marketing segmentation also helps the business to target the right market and aid in producing the right product for the right customer. In addition to it, the market segmentation is mainly important for the businesses because it helps the business to maintain market share through their products and expansion of business and market share. Market segmentation is important for businesses as it makes the process of understanding the customer’s needs and requirements easier. (Peter and James, 1987) Keeping all these benefits of market segmentations under consideration, the Carrefour’s marketers has segmented their customers. The marketers analyzed their business and environment, and they analyzed the effects and outcomes of their previous policies and marketing programs. However, based on the outcomes of their policies and programs, the Carrefour’s marketers have segmented their customers into 60,000 customer segments in order to catch market attention and increase market share. Market segmentation has allowed the Carrefour’s marketers to understand the customers’ needs and resultantly attain the market attention.
Consumer buying behavior and decision making can be understood based on the type of buying decision. However, customer buying decision can be determined…

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