Marketing Research : The Misbourne Marketing Essay

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The Misbourne Marketing Research
Primary market research is research done by the company itself. Brand new research that has not been seen by anyone else or handled by anyone else other than the company that conducted it. When the company using the data, collect it themselves the research could be bias. Some ways of conducting primary research is by using questionnaires, surveys, focus groups and experiments. Primary market research that The Misbourne School conducts is student questionnaires about courses that there students take so that they can improve their education, use SWOT (Successes, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for the educational courses that the school provide to improve them, get external companies who have stalls at The Misbourne School’s careers evening to fill in questionnaires about the evening to see if they can improve it for the companies and the school. A key example of where primary market research helps the school develop their marketing plan is when Year 9 students want to choose their options they do a pre-option questionnaire to see which courses people want to take. This then allows them to know which courses to offer them for their real option choices.
Secondary market research is research done by a hired company or taken from someone else’s research. The company who want to use it e.g. The Misbourne School do not collect it themselves. This ensures that the research is not bias in favour of the school and is normally more reliable.…

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