Marketing Research : Purpose Of Marketing Essay

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Purpose of Marketing Research
If Bob Douglass wants to expand his business in order to be able to accommodate a larger volume of refurbishment businesses, marketing research would be used to help him get the information needed to accomplish his goal of expanding the business. The use of marketing research would help Bob to associate to his potential customers through the information that is obtained to make marketing decisions for expanding his business. Also, with the use of marketing research, Bob will be able to design, gather, analyze, and obtain reports on the information he needs to understand how to expand his business and how much volume of business is to be expected when Bob expands his business. Bob would be able to use the information he obtains from marketing research to come up with a marketing strategy to determine which market to target and how to target them to obtain the best results from his expansion. Since problems are not easily identifiable, Bob could use marketing research to identify market opportunities and problems to better understand if the product Bob is offering or the business expansion is possible and if they could be accomplished. Since marketing research helps to determine the consumer issues, it would help Bob to better assess which method(s) to use in order accomplish the expansion of his business. Bob could also use marketing research to generate, refine, and evaluate potential marketing actions to expand his business. With marketing…

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