Marketing Research Paper

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Marketing Research Paper

The American food networking Industry has seen tremendous growth since the fist cook book was published in the late eighteen century. The number of households that have subscribed to the Food networking has increased many folds as has the viewership. Never before has this stylish food industry seen such growth. This paper tries to investigate the case of Kudler’s Marketing Plans as it looks into the ways by which the Company can improve on its Research and Competitive intelligence plan. The paper also tries to find out the newer domains where the company could look forward to go for research and there by develop its strategy and tactic.
About the Company Kudler Food was founded in the year 1998 by
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In the case of Kudler the company would do well by knowing what its competitor would be doing in terms of their offering, price and target market. This again would require a research to be conducted by the company.
Research Required

Primary Research Kudler Fine Foods needs to conduct a primary research in order to understand the customer likings. The research process may be in the form of a questionnaire based survey which can be prepared by experts in the field and in consultation with the thought leaders in the Gourmet Food industry. The main objectives of the primary research should be to know the demographics of its customer and their frequency in the buying Moreover the company should also find out the ways (through this research) of attracting the non customers by knowing their needs.

Secondary Research

The company should also go about doing the secondary research by mining the internet and literature to know its customer’s needs. This type of research would provide the company with the following advantages:

• The process of data gathering by this method is quicker and cost effective which in turn fastens the decision making process for the Kudlers. • The data from this process are more relevant, accurate and is in just the form that the Kudler wants it to be in (little

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