Marketing Research and Promotional Message Essay

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Marketing Research and Promotional Message Teenagers make up a growing market of consumers in today’s society. Their needs, wants, and demands are far more diverse than those of other generations due to the constantly changing popular culture of today’s society. Attitudes and perceptions of teenagers are primarily driven by the need for popularity, success, and acceptance. It is essential for marketers to keep this in mind when advertising to them. If advertisements are not appealing to the mindset of teenagers and do not strike a chord with one of these basic needs, teenagers are likely to spend not only their money, but influence their parents to spend their money on a different brand that is more likely to garner them praise …show more content…
The results found that “Adolescents who lacked both a strong sense of their own social acceptance and who were rated by their peers as unpopular fared the worst, according to the study. They were increasingly more hostile, less sought out, and more withdrawn over time” (Science Daily, 2008). This goes to show just how important popularity is to teenagers. It can be extremely detrimental to them, even in their later life, if they are not popular or made fun of during adolescence. One way that teenagers are able to express themselves is through social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Teenagers use social media and internet more than other age groups do. Much of their decisions are swayed by what they see others doing and what seems to be popular at that time. By having sites like Facebook, teenagers can communicate more and see what others are buying and what is in style. These trends are then influenced through successful marketing campaigns. To reach out to teens in the marketing world, one would have to place advertisements on highly visible mediums that appeal to teenagers. Advertising on popular social media sites in a place where the target market spends a large portion of their free time would be an extremely effective way to reach and influence consumer practices. Placing a clothing

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