Essay on Marketing Research And Its Process

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Throughout this research paper, one can expect to find information about the topic of marketing research and its process. Also included in this paper are examples and a detail step-by-step into the minds of marketers and other individuals who helped in analyzing data to help themselves or companies. Hopefully readers will be able to understand what tools and systems marketers use to analyze potential and current customers in business. By using Marketing Research or the process of analzing, collecting , and reporting marketing information companies can use to position and have an educated assessment on how to proceed. In a way market marketing research is like predicting in a way how a product or service for exampled be bettered, or adapt to the times. Marketing research is not always but can help in giving you a clearer picture. One example is picking a company name. For example PayPal an online payment service started out with the name Through a company restructure they changed the name because through surveys the name was potentially pornographic and vague. marketing reseach can help you -Develop product ideas and designs that impresses -Find out if there is a demand for your product to know to produce it or not -Identifing market segments for your prodct -make price decisions -evaluating packaging types -evaluating sales and promotions
-assessing satisfaction of your customers
-assessing satisfaction of your channel partners
-reviewing the…

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