Marketing Report : Ikea 's Growth Essay

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The objective of this marketing report is to recommend a marketing solution that will help IKEA achieve growth in India based on geographical information, analysis of current situation, identifying the problem and providing a solution for the problem.
Analysis of Current Situation
IKEA is well known brand globally. They have emerged as a big retailer of home appliances and house hold furniture. IKEA has focused on creating value by providing good quality and fashionable designs at economical costs (Dudovskiy, 2012).Following is the SWOT analysis (see Table 1).
Table 1
IKEA SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
IKEA products are made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. They possess strong company values with well established brand image. IKEA weakness is providing poor customer service. The products are not complete and take time to assembly with little instructions and this causes unpleasant experiences for many customers who are not very familiar with measurements and requirements. IKEA can improve their logistics by proving a better delivery experience for customers. Opening multiple small branches in India will increase the sales. Rising gas prices in India would make consumer difficult to travel to IKEA stores. Some of the largest competitors in India include Reliance, Tata and Star bazaar with competitive pricing on furniture.

The Target Market
Geographic region
The huge population of consumers in India is from states…

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