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Marketing strategy of a company in a new country plays a vital role in determining its future in that country. SYMPHONY, a Chinese origin mobile phone which entered Bangladesh market in the year 2008 focused to capture the market with its low pricing; exclusive features and designs challenging the renowned existing brands that took hold of a large market share during that period. SYMPHONY adapted to the Bangladeshi conditions and with its wide range of promotional campaigns became successful to target mostly the low-end users who preferred more features at low prices rather than having known brands
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Being a developing country, the purchasing power of the people of Bangladesh is not high as compared to other developed countries.
SYMPHONY used market-penetration pricing and gained a large market share in a span of just 4 years. SYMPHONY mobile has now occupied the second position in the country’s rapidly growing mobile market, which sees a sale of 10 million pieces a year. SYMPHONY has garnered a market share of as high as 12 per cent.

It increased its shares and became popular mobile operating system after Nokia mainly due to the introduction of dual SIM and cheap prices.

SYMPHONY X110, which was Bangladesh’s first ever QWERTY keyboard phone with Track ball came at a price of only Tk 4690 and was enhanced with several special features such as dual sim, 2 mega-pixel camera, multimedia, browsing applications etc. which were not available in other phones of the same price.

While the performance, reliability and durability of the SYMPHONY products are as good as any leading global mobile phone brand handset, attractive features and functionalities are offered at a competitive price to meet up the demand of low end users.

Mostly SYMPHONY phone pricing ranges from 1870-7580Tk.


Symphony Mobile Phone is a part of leading telecommunication and Consumer Electronic group SB Tel Enterprise Limited (a legal Unit of

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