Essay about Marketing Point Of View The Smartphones

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There is a communicating and computation purpose for the consumer of mobile instruments that bring an evolutionary change to provide leverage and interoperability the facilities and functions from every kind of industry. The smartphones industry is the most leading industry that plays a converging role from the front. If look at this industry from the marketing point of view the smartphones are introduced in the market that refers an innovative groups of cell phones having the capability of providing variety of services and facilities such as texting, voice communication, computation, wireless communication, and personal information management . Therefore in reality a smart phone is a device that provides different services and having developing features and functionalities other than the traditional mobile phones facilities such as voice calling and texting. They have the displaying capabilities of showing photos, playing audio and videos, capturing videos with built-in camera, recording of both audio and video, sending and receiving emails, applications for using internet and social media, and lot of other services. Just because of these reasons the smartphones become the choice of consumers by utilizing it both for social and business purposes . The smartphones are getting popularity and utilizing increasingly in general public at high speed in industrial sectors. In the early stages the smartphones were very expansive and were meant for only business…

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