Marketing Plan Essay

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Unit 6 Individual Project
Steven Telemaque
Briarcliffe College

In my company “Campus Gear” The management or leadership style that I believe will be most effective in gaining the best results from my employees would be a supportive one. Showing my employees that I am approachable just like any of their other coworkers and that I care will result in their satisfaction and their wanting to work harder. No one is willing to work hard for someone they believe doesn’t even care about them or their welfare. Showing my employees that they come first before anything else is crucial to the success of this company
Company Profile Campus Gear seeks to make a cumulative impact on the buying patterns of college students across the country
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* Create an understanding of our five year plan and all financial goals

We hope this marketing plan creates a long-term growth model for our retail success. Campus Gear will be the most well-known and successful college apparel brands. And our hopes are to make a smooth transition into other markets in the future. Campus Gear will utilize mobile trucks that will travel across the company to different college campuses. These trucks will not only be for delivering apparel, but they will also be interactives stores that students can come in to and sit down. These students will be able to access our on board tablets to pick and customize their own Campus Gear clothing. With the help of our strong mobile team, this will be an extraordinary venture. Because Campus Gear will be more of a mobile company that comes to the consumer, there is an understanding that there will be challenges. My employees acknowledge these challenges also but they have expressed the will to overcome these challenges. From a competitive standpoint, Campus Gear has a great chance to corner the market. There aren’t many companies catering directly to the average college student where they are. We will be the first to let the students create their own designs and tell us what they want. Our focus will be technology. We will capture the attention of college kids through viral marketing and social media integration. If they spend most of

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