Marketing Plan Essay

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Up All Night Inc. 24-hour Childcare Service Marketing Plan
Artiesha Artis
Strayer University
Professor Thomas Matula
MKT 500: Marketing Management
May 4, 2014 I. Executive Summary
Up All Night Inc. is a small business in the first year of transitioning from a home based daycare center. Up All Night provides extended hours daycare services to individuals mainly parents and single parents. Up All Night Inc. currently employs 18 dedicated employees who are parents themselves and understand the challenges that many parents face finding trustworthy, capable individuals to care for your most precious treasures. The daycare center performs at its highest volume during the summer months but yearly the business is steady. One major
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As private based childcare services become more popular, additional competition is expected to enter the market
2. Economic forces. Locally, many childcare services have increased their prices to maintain their status in the economy and begin promoting their business. Many of these increases have occurred because of the need to begin promoting through mass media advertising (television, magazines, and newspapers). Since promotional budgets are shrinking, many companies are diverting a larger percentage of their budgets to sales promotion and specialty advertising. This trend is expected to continue forcing most daycares to focus more on the “value” they could possibly receive from their promotional dollar. With this is the possibility of flux of the job market which could cause Up All Night business to decline as well.
3. Political forces. The political forces, influences or events that could affect the operation of Up All Night are changes in the economy causing individuals to lose their jobs or termination of subsidy programs such as child care vouchers.
4. Legal and regulatory forces. Maintaining CPR certifications are well as up to date licensing and zoning permits. Legislation constantly changes and as long as Up All Night maintains knowledge of these things and keep them updated.
5. Technological forces. There are no expected technological forces that could affect Up All Night Inc.

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