Essay on Marketing Plan

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A. Executive Summary Estrella’s Dormitory and Eatery is been operating for 6 years already in Sum-ag Bacolod City. The business main objective is to provide comfortable and secure facility to its occupants. It can be located in front of VMA Global College; Earl Carol St. San Sebastian Sum-ag Bacolod City 6100, Negros Occidental Philippines. It’s about an hour drive from the capital making it convenient for the occupants for getting their needs in the capital. The facilities will include a well-ventilated room, clean comfort rooms, a mini kitchen, a living room and a place to hang wet clothes of the occupants. There will be a fine number of people who will look up to the occupants, a number of people that will secure the occupants …show more content…
Our main competitors will be the dormitory and eatery near from us which offers the same as we have. It will be difficult to attract people at first. But it is a very profitable and promising field if we can attract people. Dormitories and Eateries have their own strengths. Such as; they have a bigger rooms and air-conditioned, etc. and their weakness are high price. C.5 Channels An increase in the demand for service over time is called market growth. Market growth can be slow if consumers do not adopt a high demand or rapid if consumers find the service useful for the price level. Our dormitory and eatery project is only marketed for a small set of consumers, but as the price of the occupants’ decreases and its importance in life increases, more consumers could increase demand. The increase in size or service consumption observed within a given consumer group over a specified time frame is called market growth rate. When Estrella’s Dormitory and Eatery will review the success of the business, we will needs to deduct the overall market growth rate from the observed service consumption growth. Market forecast is component of marketing analysis that provides anticipated figures and calculations based upon market research. The forecast may include projections for a product type, company, sector, industry, demographic type or overall population.


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