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BSB07 Business Services Training Package

Marketing Qualifications


Delivery and Transition Guide: BSB51207 Diploma, and BSB60507 Advanced Diploma

Version 1
27 November, 2008

Training Package Implementation Project

Published by the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Victoria

© State of Victoria 2008

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1.2. A new emphasis
The emphasis in the new, revised Training Package is firmly focused on work outcomes and providing successful students with skills that readily translate into work situations, and reflect those skills in which employers require potential employees to demonstrate competence.
It is also expected that the selection and teaching of the units should allow for the largest range of skills to be acquired, and that when selecting modules, care should be taken to choose units that cover skill development in areas that aren’t covered in other units to be taught. Unnecessary duplication limits the range of skills students can acquire in the time they spend studying for the qualification. Further, it is suggested that units that share similar elements should be co-taught and assessed, thereby reducing the repetition of teaching and student work load, as well as strengthening the relationship between the

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