Marketing Plan for Hong Kong Disneyland Essay

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Chu Hai College of High Education
BBA 311
Marketing Management
Group Project
Table of contents

1. Executive Summary 4
2. Company Description 5
3. Strategic Focus and Plan 6 Objective 6 Vision 6 Mission 6 Non financial goal 6 Financial goal 7 Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage 7
4. Situation Analysis 9 Microenvironment 9 ? Competitors 9 ? Customers 10 Macro environment 11 ? Political 11 ? Demographic 11 ? Natural 12 ? Cultural 12 ? Social 13 ? Economic 14 SWOT analysis: 15
5. Product Market Focus 17 Marketing and
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「Disney Children's Programs in Hospitals」[4] is Disney VoluntEARS visit a public hospital to share positive Disney stories and play games with the children, while every six months, Disney VoluntEARS organize outings for children at the Caritas Medical Centre to visit the Hong Kong countryside with their families. 「Disney Scholarship」[5] is Disneyland offer to The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts students. Theme Park Management Company with local charitable and non-profit organizations work closely in the theme park resort areas, including Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre fund-raising activities raised a total of more than 1 0 million 3. Entertainment Company in China. Disneyland has some musical theater. 「 Festival of the Lion King 」, 「Disney on Parade 」 and「 Mickey Fantasia」. Some special day will has specific theater. Disneyland hopes its entertainment will give customers exclusive image.

4. Expand into new markets. China is a rapidly developing country. China has great potential spending power. Disneyland goal is to attract more Chinese.

Financial goal

1. Expanded use of the 35 billion and expect 100 million revenue in 2014.
2. New activities and expansion can attract 20,000 visitors per month.
3. Reduce the loss of more than 7,000 million.

Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage

The Walt Disney is the long-established company. It produced many popular animated. So Disneyland achieves to provide many novelty and

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