Marketing Plan -- Situation Analysis Essay

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The role of situation analysis in marketing plan
Facing to more complex business environment, systematically marketing plans are important to organizations in terms of maintaining a high level of operating efficiency and achieving goals fully. According to Sally and John (1996:3), marketing plans are “the written document or blueprint for implementing and controlling an organization’s marketing activities related to a particular marketing strategy” (Sally, D., Lyndon S., & John, B., 1996: 3). A successful marketing plan is able to improve organizations’ profits and growth, uses in objective setting and monitors results (Subash Jain, Michael D. Clemes, Gregory Brush, 2008: 5)
In order to gain a successfully marketing plan, it is
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Peter W, 2006: 74)
Since understanding KFC is more popular than McDonald in Chinese market and it enjoys higher brand recognition than McDonald among Chinese, therefore, managers of KFC can launch a consumer loyalty program in order to gain more marker share.
3) Macro level environment analysis
Next, managers have to review external environment including the macro level and the industrial level. As Rundle-Thide (2007: 65) said, macro level external environment includes “the economy, socio-cultural, political factors, legal, global” (S. Rundle-Thide, et al, 2007: 65) and technology factors, which are PEST factors.
Different business cycle stages may affect buying power or consumer expenditure levels. For example, during a recession stage, for unemployment rises will lead to buying power declines, managers may make decision to decrease the price to appeal to consumers.
With the growing threats from the greenhouse gases and the increasing realization protecting of environment, automakers must increase the investigation on technology in terms of CO2 emissions and enhance communication with their consumers. Otherwise, they may lose their market share, such as general motors in American market (John DeCicco, Freda Fung, Feng An, 2003: 10)
4) Industrial environment analysis
As Rundle-Thide (2007: 65) said, the industrial level external environment includes “market review, competitive review, distribution channel and buyers review, customer

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