Marketing Plan Sample Essay

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Snap on Heels Strategies
September 11, 2011

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary 3-4
2.0 Situation Analysis 4
2.1 Market Summary4
2.2 SWOT Analysis5-6 2.3 Competition 6-7 2.4 Product 7 2.5 Keys to Success 7-8 2.6 Critical Issues 8
3.0 Marketing Strategy8-9
3.1 Mission 9
3.2 Marketing Objectives10 3.3 Financial Objectives 10 3.4 Target Markets 10 3.5 Positioning 11 3.6 Strategies 11-13 3.7 Marketing Mix 13-14 3.8 Marketing Research 14
4.0 Controls 14-16
4.1 Implementation17
4.2 Marketing Organization17 4.3 Contingency Planning 17-18
5.0 Conclusions 18

1.0 Executive Summary
Snap on Heels will
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“Today, despite mounting evidence of the damage ill-fitting shoes can cause, women squeeze their toes to fit into oh-so-popular pointed-toe shoes, and they readily break the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' rule of thumb: no more than three hours in three-inch heels (Payne, W. 2007).” Since three-inch heels were made to wear no longer than three hours we intend to introduce a product to increase the standard time to wear heels.
2.2 SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis will depict Snap on heels strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, and threats to create a marketing strategy that will accomplish our goals of entering a constantly changing market.
* The ability to build an infrastructure to inspire a diverse market while incorporating shareholders. * To become the first company to introduce a new extended product line. * First company in the market to address consumers needs and wants. * To obtain a reputation that consumers depend upon. * To retain customers and attract new customers. * To expand into a multi-million dollar she industry. * Maintain customer retention and loyalty.
* Newly acquired company that does not have much knowledge of the market with the exception of research. * The need for outside support to start up business due to cost. * Customers’ unknown performance or

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