Marketing Plan Phase 2 Essay examples

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Marketing Plan Phase II

As part of the marketing strategy, Allstate has to identify the segmentation criteria of customers in the insurance market and consider how each criterion will affect its market selection. After considering the segmentation criteria Allstate can identify its target market. To identify efficiently the target market, Allstate will need to describe the consumers who want or need a web-based claims submission service, identify the factors that influence the purchasing decisions of these customers and determine how their marketing strategy will be affected by the influencing factors. Allstate will also need to study their competitors, and determine how it can differentiate itself in the market
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Geographic considerations include the various regions currently services by Allstate and expansion into other regions not currently service by Allstate. Demographic considerations include education (as the user will need to know how to use the computer, follow the instructions for online claim submission and understand the terminology used on the website), and income as most people would need to have a computer and access to the Internet to submit the claim online.
Target Market
Allstate’s target market is defined by the following four part description: product type, customer need, customer type, and geographical area. Allstate will strictly offer web-based customer generated claims. This service will meet the need of customers who want to submit their claims online. Allstate new services will focus on customers who do not want to travel to and from an office to submit their claims, customers who do not want to call in their claims and possibly having to talk with multiple agents before submitting their claim, and customers who do not want to wait either in the office or on the phone for hours to submit their claims. Allstate will offer

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