Marketing Plan of Mother Energy Drink Essay

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Executive Summary Mother energy drink aims to provide high quality energy for people. In June 2013, Mother introduced a new energy drink flavor which is Green Storm. This new flavor can expanded the Mother range to add a variety that is perfect for consumers who are looking for mother of an energy hit, with naturally sourced caffeine. The main idea of this marketing plan is to gain more interests of its customers, make more people to understand this energy drink. The highlights of this plan are using the marketing research data to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Mother energy drink to compare with competitors. By considering the consumer behavior, Mother energy drink introduce different types of …show more content…
Many famous cooperative partner. 2. the ingredient is healthy reasonable 3. Long history. Selling well all over the world. 4. Effective work in anti-fatigue | 1. Owned by PepsiCo, has grantee of quality. 2. Many kinds of sort, multiple selection 3. good taste 4. cheaper than | Weaknesses | 1. side effect if drink too much 2. expensive 3. crisis of confidence 4. Not suit for teenager. | 1. High caffeine than most energy drink. No convenient transportation around. 2. intestines and stomach belly will disorder if drink too much 3. The durability is shorter than others |


The performance could be classified as the function and the quality. Mother is an energy drink marked to Australia and New Zealand. As for the function, the effect of this drink is let people feel energetic, has the energy to sports. Mother energy has the feature of durability. The quality of mother energy is also could be trustworthy. Mother is the one of the most popular local energy drink in Australia for many years. Positioning

To position the market, it should be depended on the circumstance that what are the competitors doing, what are their recent imaginable actions. Energy Drink | Positioning | Red bull | 1.Red bull is doing economic sponsor for many competition for the stake of make brand more popularity2. The ingredient in red bull has been improved, in order to more suit for human body, more

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