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What is frozen snacks?
Frozen snacks is wonders of frozen packaged foods that are commonly available in our local stores, you can from their fridges straight onto a pan mess free and much tastier. Even throwing parties or having a small get together has become stress free by frying ready made Asian snacks such as frozen samosas and spring rolls. Some people don’t like to after work go to the supermarket buy dish and cook, in their refrigerator will store the frozen food. Frozen snack is the food that is need to be frozen, after appropriate processing, through a variety of ways to make it freezing quickly, the packaging and storage at 18 degrees C and - 20 degrees Celsius. Its biggest advantage is in low
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In the 40s and 50s
The 40s and early 50s saw a rapid growth in frozen foods in the UK. A dramatic increase of frozen food appeared in the market while the first frozen ready meal was seen on the shelf in 1953. The earliest freezers were designed for the purpose of bulk buying. This 1954 model from the USA held one third of an American ton.

In the 60s and 70s
In the 1960s and 70s, people gradually realise that leisure is just as important as work which brought up the emphasis of convenience of living. Consequently, frozen snacks and ready meals became the perfect pick of the majority of households.

The 1980s
Since the 1980s, there has been an increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle. This enforces the frozen food industry to not only focus on the variety of frozen food ranges in order to satisfy people’s everyday needs, but also to place attention on nutrition and health. Consumers became more aware of nutritional issues, thus E-numbers and additives became common topics of debate. As frozen food does not require any preservative, it was recognised as the safe choice hence its sales were even boosted to a higher level.

Geography & Culture
Since the freezing process is relatively simple, almost any kind of food can be made frozen. Therefore, people from different countries in different regions of the world have

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