Marketing Plan Nike Essay

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Market entry/grow opportunity for Nike in Bulgaria





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Lecturer: Dr. V. Blagoev

Executive Summary

Our approach to developing a market-entry strategy follows a structured process, based on in-depth understanding of all aspects that feed into a commercial launch.

A comprehensive analysis, using market data and market research, allows us to assess all areas affecting Nike’s strategic direction:

– Current market situation: detailed consumer and business market segmentation and analysis of market drivers will be undertaken to identify the most valuable
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Good example is the online Nike shop, where you can custom your gear – shoes.

In general, Nike’s products are considered to be upscale and versus the competitors the pricing is relative higher. Given that the product prices are realistic Nike is offering to its customers, it is doubtful whether all customers think alike. This may represent a weakness, having in mind the lower output of the economy in Bulgaria. To overcome any future problems, especially in high price line, Nike is open for emerging technologies and heavily invests in innovation towards the development of new products, specifically the Nike Alpha Project, a revolutionary new line of athletic shoes. Nike was negligent in the past towards the mid-to lower-price-point products, which offers another gap for improvement. To better develop competitive position at all price points more resources and time should be dedicated. There is a great potential in the lower price point and these are needs that can meet the specific characteristics of the Bulgarian market. A.J. Almaney, Ph.D. (2000)

1 Product review

According to Nike, the following shoe styles will be available online in January 2012 refering to the launch date. Regular follow up or update can be found @NikeStore on Twitter. These styles may also be available at authorized Nike retailers or authorized Jordan retailers.

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