Marketing plan- Galaxy gear Essay

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Prepared for: Marketing Manager
By: Yermegiyayev Azat
Subject: Samsung Galaxy Gear Technology
Company : Fast & Furious

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INTRODUCTION Samsung is a multinational South Korean based conglomerate company that is best known for telecommunications and consumer electronics. It is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It is currently the largest Korean business conglomerate. Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, while also providing a long list of products and services including advertising, hospitality, construction entertainment, communications technology and much more. The company is currently researching new technology
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Along with a picture of the smartphone and the watch, Oprah says that the watch helps her check her phone discreetly during meetings, without seeming impolite. Very little was said about the watch and its functionality. Looking into the comments made by Oprah can help the researchers safely assume that the functionality of the watch can work for some people who look for that type of feature. However, for the people who have returned the watch, what they are looking for in such a device needs to be determined. The researchers aim to know more about the public’s response to the Galaxy Gear watch in order to determine if it was a market failure or not. The results of this study will help Samsung know if such a device can be a good stream of revenue. Having a like device marketed with a major high-end phone that is highly anticipated is great in theory, however the question is if the product delivered is something that Samsung users and potential users are looking for. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch is meant to make the users’ lives easier by helping them multi-task and go about their day without having to constantly take their phone out. Unfortunately, it seems as if users who have purchased the watch either do not need this feature, or do not know how to fully utilize the device.
Along with the research objectives mentioned above, Samsung has also come up with a SWOT analysis for the Samsung

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