Marketing Plan For V Energy Drink Essay

2593 Words Jun 15th, 2015 11 Pages
In modern competitive environments, most of businesses are looking to improve their marketing relationship. It can be easily to seen that the importance of marketing relationship is gaining more attention than the past. In order to maintain sustainable competitive advantage in this new market as Vietnam, Frucor needs to emphasis on the importance of relationship development which is the keys success in acquiring competitive advantage in Vietnam market, because of its implications for access to markets, generation of repeat purchase and the benefit for all parties.
As a global marketer of Frucor, I have been assigned to emphasis on the importance of the relationship development. This marketing plan has been designed to discuss Vietnamese market background in terms of relationship development analysis and how we implement it to create more success for V energy drink in the market. This marketing plan is completed with a detailed relationship development analysing and a list of suggestion which will help V energy drink increase the value of V energy drink in Vietnam market.
Due to some rapid changes in the market lately, the market has become extremely unpredictable comparing to the past. In order to cope with the changes and uncertainties, managers must understand the importance of crisis management in a firm’s global operation. It can be obviously seen that a failure to manage the crisis can cause major damages to the business. It should be kept in mind that the…

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