Essay about Marketing Plan For The Company

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Summary of the plan The marketing plan for the company is tied to the overall business plan of the enterprise. The plan outlines the strategy for success and narrows down to the actionable components that X Limited Company will be able to implement marketing for its products (packaged ice) to provide a solid return as far as investment is concerned. As much as the plan will help in complementing the business plan of the company, it will also help the managers to be aware of the external and internal factors that will sign significantly influence the company in the market.
X Company Limited mission is to provide a place where high-quality packaged ice is made available to the consumers. We are in existence to attract and maintain customers.
Marketing objectives
• To develop and maintain brand awareness to our esteemed customers
• To establish and maintain an increased sale of packaged ice to the customers while reducing the expenses
Target customers X Company Limited target group can be divided into to consumers who use ice and those who are not aware of the product. The company, therefore, aims at ensuring that the two groups of the customers are encouraged to use the product.
Market penetration strategy Market penetration strategy helps a business to target the current customers of the products (Dhar, 2013). As a business that has been selling packaged ice as on the industrial users, the product is well known and the individuals can easily introduce…

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