Marketing Plan For Pre Sales Representative Essay

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1. While at PepsiCo in the role of Pre-Sales Representative, I was assigned to a large sales territory which allowed me to work independently with little direction. On a daily basis, I was I was responsible for managing my schedule in regards to my sales route. I used my best personal judgement to schedule my route based on the customer needs, company goals, and sales goals. I excelled in this environment by winning multiple best customer service awards and maintaining above average sales numbers.
2. When I worked at PepsiCo in the role of Pre-Sales Representative, my sales route consisted of an average of 30 stores to be visited each day. On a daily basis, I would have to use excellent time management and organizational skills in order to visit each store at the designated time frame to meet deadlines. On a daily routine, I performed multiple tasks such as greeting the customers in a pleasant positive attitude while handling any questions and concerns; I would have to sell in partnership contracts, sell in new products, sell in additional products, obtain additional space; and write the current order for the store; I had to clean the shelves, fill the shelves with products, and build displays; I would have to make tags, signs, and display promotional point of sale items; and I would have to communicate with my truck drivers to ensure that they delivered my orders on time and check to see if they would need any support on my end.
3. I believe my communication skills…

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