Marketing Plan For Chipotle Mexican Grill Essays

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In 1993 Chef Steve Ells founded Chipotle Mexican Grill, his goal was to serve delicious food with the finest ingredients at an affordable price. When Chipotle first opened up their doors their idea was that just because their food was served fast, did not mean that their customers were going to have a “fast food experience”, instead they brought different techniques and interior design to their restaurant where they could provide fine dining to fast food type restaurants. Steve Ells has been committed to serve fresh ingredients that come from local family farmers, by 2005 Chipotle had partnered with over 400 family farmers. Chipotle became a fast growing chain, one of the biggest factors was that it offers products with great quality at affordable prices. Chipotle had quickly became profitable, and in 1998 McDonald’s made an investment that allowed Chipotle to quickly expand. It has expanded to Europe where the first European restaurant is located in London. Another location had also opened in Paris and France, although the expansion in France was much slower than the one in the United Kingdom or compared to the one in Canada. CMG competes in the restaurant industry, which is estimated to be more than $225 billion market in the U.S. Within the restaurant industry, CMG competes in the fast casual segment, characterized by convenient food with a focus on fresh, healthful ingredients and customizable, made-to-order dishes. The prices of the dishes are typically between $7-$10.…

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