Marketing Plan For Apple Inc Essay

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Collaborative Marketing Plan
Apple Inc.

4. Situation Analysis
This situation analysis shows the current environment in which Apple Inc. finds itself by providing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. This Analysis also highlights in detail the industry, competitors, company, and consumers.
SWOT Analysis Figure 1 shows the internal and external factors affecting the market opportunities for Apple Inc. The SWOT shows the strengths/opportunities and the weaknesses/threats of the new product, the iPhone 6T.
Figure 1. SWOT Analysis for Apple Inc.
Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses
Management An experienced management and board who are familiar with the smartphone product segment. Management could overestimate sales based on the other iPhone product lines.
Offerings Complements Apple’s Inc. line of iPhones. Lower price competitors will try to compete with the new product.
Marketing Already established customer base with an open mind for new products. Apple Inc. markets to everyone normally, therefore, will be marketing to a narrower target market.
Personnel Experienced personnel in smartphones. Losing experienced employees to competitors.
Finance Strong sales of past iPhone lines (Goldman, 2015).
Could over invest into the product line and sales not perform as forecasted.
Manufacturing Manufacturer that already makes the existing iPhone product line. Outsourced manufacturing which could result in a lower quality.
R&D Established R & D…

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