Marketing Plan For An Organization Essay

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To begin with, what is marketing plan and who is a CMO? Marketing plan is a comprehensive, organised and realistic strategic document used to publicize the current business position in the marketplace for a particular period usually 1-5 years to the Chief Executive Officer, shareholders, distributors, suppliers to persuade them to devote their time, energy and money in order to make the strategy a success. A marketing plan is an important document that states all the marketing objectives, targeted market, the marketing concept used and helps with the future development of an organisation. Thence, having a marketing plan in an organisation is like having a ship with an exceptional captain at its helm.
CMO simply means Chief Marketing Officer and they are responsible for creating the marketing plan. They lead sales management, product development, et al and their duties are to promote sales, growth, increase revenue generation and reduce cost to mention few and majority of the CMO reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Chief Brand Officer (CBO).
Hence, in addition to CMOs, I believe a number of other employees participate in marketing planning because their marketing-related duties and how the duties will be accomplished will be mentioned clearly in the marketing plan and moreover, CMOs cannot control, commit and communicate all the milestones or strategy alone. By committing delivering of a plan into other employees shows that CMOs are bidding them into the…

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