Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy Essay

1095 Words Mar 13th, 2016 null Page
In regards to my marketing plan it was vital for me to cover a range of topics so that my strategy was developed according to the product/services that The Therapy Life Centre offered. My marketing strategy fits in within my organisation because I made sure that all suggested topics of research, planning, promotion, distribution after-sales and pricing were all realistic and came from evidence found within my organisation from previous documentation so that I was not implementing anything into my marketing strategy that would not applying to my organisation therefore rendering it useless or would be deemed impractical or incorrect when it came to implementing the marketing plan because the use of previous documentation gives me real life evidence/case study to go off of. I covered the topic of people in regards to both the target audience and those directly involved in my organisation such as those hiring out the room or potentially hiring out the room. Throughout my research it was important to address people because it is necessary to know whether there are enough people in the target market in demand of the services/products that The Therapy Life Centre supplies, if for example there was not a high enough demand due to the fact that holistic health centres are a competitive market than it would contribute to strategic decisions such as promotions to ensure we are appealing to our small market over another organisation and that when advertising room space it is important…

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