Essay about Marketing Plan - Dentonic Relaunch & Repositioning

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Dentonic Re-launch & Re-positioning
Strategic Marketing Plan

Contents Introduction of Company 4 Vision 4 Mission Statement 4 Values 4 Situational Analysis 5 Market Summary 5 Target Market 5 Market Demographics/Market Segmentation 5 Geographic 5 Demographic 5 Behavioral 5 Market Needs 6 Market Trends 6 Market Growth 6 SWOT Analysis 7 Strengths 7 Weaknesses 7 Opportunities 7 Threats 7 Competition 7 Product Offerings 8 Key to Success 8 Critical Issues: 9 Marketing Strategy 9 Mission 9 Marketing Objectives 10 Target Market 10 Positioning 10 Strategy 11 Marketing Mix 11 Product: 11 Price: 12 Place: 12 Promotion: 12 Marketing Research 13 Financial Analysis 13
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Given targeted segments are really price conscious to buy products so local product having flavors and quality as international products with much lower price will be highly preferred in these segments.
Market Trends Toothpaste is one of the most dynamic segments of the oral care market. The frequency of product launches in existing segments of the market and genesis of new product segments contributes to continuous evolution of the toothpaste market. Increase in sales of oral hygiene products in major markets worldwide has largely resulted from growing awareness of hygiene and product innovation. Due to the increased use of Pan, Gutka, Sauf, Supari, Niswar and other tobacco items by an overwhelming majority of people in Pakistan, this region is regarded as being among those with highest number of mouth cancer cases in the world” said an eminent dental surgeon at a conference on Oral Diseases Awareness the Remedy that was held during the last year. With the advent of Shisha (Hubbly Bubbly) this ratio has soared as most of the teenagers are smoking it on a daily basis at various up market joints since no age limit is defined for it. According to the Gallup household Consumer Panel data About 36 per cent of the Pakistani population clean their teeth daily, irrespective of the method employed. Eight per cent of the 180 million populations never clean their teeth, while 54 per cent clean their teeth either on alternate days, weekly or monthly.

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