Marketing on Ford Fiesta Essay example

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FOM Study Programme
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Module: Marketing Assignment: 1/2
Author: Christian Gondek
1st Academic Semester 2010/2011
Essen, 21.01.2011

Executive Summary - Part I
The Ford Motor Company (FMC) is one of the biggest and most successful automotive manufacturers in the world based on a long tradition of automotive development. Since 1931, the plant in Cologne has produced more than forty million vehicles. The focus of this assignment is to analyse the latest version of the product Ford Fiesta (FF) for the German market which has been introduced in 2008.
First of all, the product will be introduced followed by a market analysis including demographic, geographic and behavioural segmentation in order to
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In addition to that, one of the most striking aspects of the automotive market is a higher focus on environmental aspects influenced by the idea of sustainable development. In the following analysis, the tangible product FF will be analysed by demonstrating the important aspects of the product in Chapter 2, its market in Chapter 3, its marketing objectives and strategy including its positioning within Ford in Chapter 4 and its unique selling proposition (USP) in Chapter 5. Finally, the conclusion in Chapter 6 summarizes all analysed aspects and draws the conclusion.


Executive Summary - Part II
This assignment is based on the first assignment and continuous to analyse Ford of Germany’s (FOG) marketing strategy for the Ford Fiesta (FF) based on the marketing mix. On the one hand the outcome of the first analysis has identified a strong unique selling proposition (USP) for the product itself, on the other hand it has identified further requirement to remain competitive in the mature market of small cars.
The marketing mix exemplified by the four P′s starts with an analysis of the product and shows that the offers and product variants have been chosen according to the positioning of the product. Branding, unfortunately, is a lack of the product which might have high impact on

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