Marketing Of Service Marketing For Healthcare Professionals Essay

1188 Words Jun 11th, 2016 null Page
Marketing in health care has become an essential element for organizations to be successful. The article “Concepts in service marketing for healthcare professionals” states that fundamental service marketing principles can be used by health care organizations to win patient satisfaction and loyalty, as well as allow the organization to remain competitive in the present day market economy (Corbin, Kelley, & Schwartz, 2011). One way health care organizations can successfully achieve marketing their services or products is by using branding. Branding is defined as a marketing strategy of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies a product (Branding, 2016). Services or products provided by a health care organization should be branded in order to appeal to customers’ needs, as well as their desires (Corbin, Kelley, & Schwartz, 2001). According to the article “The Role of Branding in Health Care”, the rewards of branding can be great as it provides an opportunity to assess the needs of patients, develop capabilities to meet those needs, and effectively communicate the ability to meet the needs (Acton, 1998). Branding can be valuable in health care organizations to promote services or products. The circumstances for which it is beneficial for organizations to use branding will be discussed, as well as any unexpected negative consequences of branding. Branding is a valuable component of an organization’s marketing strategy. According to the article “Conceptualisation of…

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