Essay on Marketing of Coca-Cola

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1. Executive summary
Coca-Cola have a great ambition to China market and plan to invest 20 billion dollar in develop the biggest market in the world. Since Chinese government blocked its acquisition bid of buying Huiyuan, Coca-Cola is now figuring out the strategies of going on growing in China without juice giant Huiyuan. Coca-Cola will develop its existing business, especially fruit juice products. The keystone of promotion in the near future is to popularize “Minute Maid ” fruit juice beverage brand.
In the following sections, detail study will be researched, including listing its strategic focus and plan, analysing varities of situation Coca-Cola is facing with, figuring out their marketing strategy as to gain more market share
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Taiyuan and Xi’an. At the same time, the sale of Coca-Cola per year registers roughly hundreds million. A consumer survey come out in recent years that coke won the top king among the similar kind of products and shared larger percentage of market than those of other product.
On Sept.3rd in 2008, Coca-Cola announced its bid for Huiyuan and hoping to parchase the China’s top local brand which is the biggest maker of 100% fruit juice, thereby attempting to be the largest for Coke in Asia and the second-largest acquisition overall for the company, behind only the $4.1 billion purchase of Energy Brands in 2007.However,the thought from Coca-Cola was not passed by Chinese Commerce Ministry, due to it is related to the country’s new anti-monopoly law.

3. Strategic focus and plan
3.1 Mission / vission
After Beijing blocked Coca-Cola’s big China deal, the main mission is to build its existing Minute Maid juice business and continue to grow organically in another way not purchase Chinese local brand, Huiyuan.
Coca-Cola's another mission to expand in China market and be the largest soft drink brand, which are a central part of its overall push to double revenues - and those of its bottlers - from almost $100bn currently to $200bn over the next 10 years.

3.2 Goal
1. Coca-Cola aims to more than double its number of bottling plants in

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