Marketing Objectives Of Marketing Strategies Essay

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Section – 2
Company and Marketing Objectives
Launching ‘Innocent’ into the Growing Fruit Smoothie Market of New Zealand.

In order to make innocent drinks marketing objective like other countries, New Zealand is the perfect market for smoothies and offers a great opening to innocent drinks bringing their products. Obesity and Heart diseases rapidly increasing in New Zealand and most of the population have changed their eating habits and lifestyles. This provides a ready market for their products. According to the innocent drinks they are nutritious and versatile, and are an excellent way of grabbing a quick meal. They are generally low in fat and calories and make an excellent drink and or snack especially at lunchtime. I also feel that innocent smoothies should continue to satisfy their new customers. By keeping satisfied customers, demand will increase and company profit will increase.

In my strategic market plan, I would focus on marketing communications plan with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Targeted and Timed) objectives. Some of the marketing strategies include changes in advertising strategies, changes in valuing strategy, labeling strategy, trades strategy, distributive strategy, product creation and diversity strategy, changes in trade strategy, changes in labeling strategy and labeling strategies among others. Such strategies are having the same exact contents for the purpose of meeting the company 's marketing objectives or marketing…

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