Marketing Objectives Of A Marketing Plan Essay

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The main aim of developing a marketing plan is to give a path to the company so that it is able to achieve and accomplish the goals set by the organization. The main aim is to promote the products and services to the customers. Marketing objectives are the marketing strategies to achieve the overall objectives of the organization. Marketing objectives include increasing product awareness among the targeted group of customers (Armstrong et al. 2014). Woolworths marketing objective and plan is based on four strategies recently that are:
• Expanding leadership in food and liquor.
• The second strategy is to maximize the value of shareholders.
• It aims at tracking the path of the business towards the growth.
Marketing objective includes strategic planning. Various techniques can be used to create marketing strategies that includes Pestle analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing mix and marketing segmentation. The marketing strategy of Woolworths is based on three principles or strategies that includes offer to improve the customer satisfaction, growth to meet more customers needs and efficiency to learn and create retail model to increase the customer value. Marketing objective lays out a plan what businesses want from their marketing plan. SMART marketing objective is used to create efficient marketing campaigns. This includes identifying specific, measurable, agreed, attainable, and achievable objectives of the company (Bolton 2015). Figure: marketing objectives
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