Marketing Objectives And Objectives Of Nestle Essay

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Table of Content
Business Objective
Strategic planning
Competitor analysis
Marketing Objective
SWOT Analysis
Target market
5 Promotional Recommendations

Business Objective
In line with its business principles, Nestlé aims to offer customers the Nutrition, Health and Wellness, which promotes healthy balanced eating; developing products with high nutritional value, great taste and quality. The main objective is the value for the benefit of society in a sustainable way, while working every day to make the company more competitive in the long term, as Nestlé adds value to society, while improving their own business practices, creating value also for the company.

Strategic planning
The goal of Nestlé’s position as a world leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and also be a reliable company for all its stakeholders and a benchmark of financial performance in its sector.
The roadmap Nestle aims to align their people behind a coherent set of strategic priorities to accelerate the achievement of its objectives. These goals require their employees an inspiration long term that can build the future and corporate short - term actions. Nestlé works to achieve leadership and confidence by meeting the expectations of consumers, shareholders, communities it operates and society as a whole. Therefore, the company is investing to ensure financial and environmental sustainability of their actions and operations in the long term, specifically…

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