Marketing Nike Annual Project Essay

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NIKE Annual Report Project

This project is aimed with the review of the financial statements and financial performance of Nike Inc for the year ended May 31, 2012.
NIKE, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, marketing, and sale of footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for men, women, and children worldwide. The company offers products in seven categories, including running, basketball, football, men’s training, women’s training, NIKE sportswear, and action sports. It also markets products designed for kids, as well as for other athletic and recreational uses, such as baseball, cricket, golf, lacrosse, outdoor activities, football, tennis, volleyball, walking, and wrestling.
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This increasing trend was recorded in the gross profit and net income over the last three years. Gross profit has increased from $ 8,800,000 (thousands) in 2010 to $ 9,508,000 (thousands) in 2011 and finally to $ 10,471,000 (thousands) in 2012. Moreover, net income has increased from $ 1,907,000 (thousands) in 2010 to $ 2,133,000 (thousands) in 2011 and finally net income for the year 2012 was $ 2,223,000 (thousands).
This increasing trend was also noted in the financial position of the company as well. Total assets of the company have increased from $ 14,419,000 (thousands) in the year 2010 to $ 14,998,000 (thousands) in the year 2011 and finally to $ 15,465,000 (thousands) in the year 2012. Also, current assets of the company have recorded tremendous growth over the last three years. Current assets has increased from $ 10,959,000 (thousands) in 2010 to $ 11,297,000 (thousands) in 2011 and finally to $ 11,531,000 (thousands) in the year 2012. There was an increasing trend in the property plant & equipments, net receivables and inventory of the company over the last three years.
Current liabilities & total liabilities of the company have recorded a mix trend. Current liabilities have increased from $ 3,364,000 (thousand) in the year 2010 to $ 3,958,000 (thousands) in the year 2011 than it has decreased to $ 3,865,000 (thousands) in the year 2012. Moreover, total liabilities have increased

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