Marketing Mix Essays

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Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is a strategic mix of four adjustable elements product, place, price and promotion. The four elements in the right combination will generate most favorable income for the company. In order to find the right combination, organizations need to consider how each one of the four elements of marketing mix affects the development of the organization’s marketing strategy and tactics and how each is implemented.
Hawaiian Airlines is a well-know company in the Hawaiian Islands. The company’s mission statement is to “grow a profitable airline with a passion for excellence, our customers, our people and the spirit of Hawaii” (“Mission, Vision & Values”,2012). In order to achieve the stated mission statement, Hawaiian
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Place is the next element in the marketing mix. The airlines industry is very competitive. In order for Hawaiian Airlines to succeed, place is important. Place consist of different distribution channels Hawaiian Airlines can utilize. One main channel is their website. On the website, consumers are able to access information with ease and convenience. If patrons are not able to access the internet, tickets are available for purchase at Honolulu International Airport in Lobbies two and three. Price is the third element. Price is an important factor in today’s economy. Competitive pricing and value fall under the price element. Hawaiian Airlines has competitive pricing by pricing fares accordingly to other airlines such as: Delta Airlines or Philippines Air. Off-peak seasonal fares allow patrons at a cheaper discounted rate. Hawaiian Airlines has recently advertised flying to New York. Hawaiian Airlines sold low fares to New York as an advertising strategy. Consumers who bought the low fare tickets felt they got their monies worth and Hawaiian Airlines used this strategy to attract more clientele. This was a win-win situation for consumers as well as the airlines. Hawaiian Airlines has a mileage program called Hawaiian miles. When passengers earn a certain amount of miles they are awarded privileges such as Pualani Gold Membership. As a gold member passengers are able to utilize the Hawaiian

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