Marketing Mix Essay

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Yvonne Fregon
Assignment 1
Marco Le Mura
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PART A : Identify the key characteristics of their products and services. What is their significance to the market.
The key characteristics of Braaap is to meet to the motor enthuses with products based on motocross equipment, riding wear and casual wear with the consistent updates on news from around the world with new designs and motocross equipment. This is also allowing communication through the public and the dealers of motocross dealers with schools based on how to learn how to ride with links to dealerships for test driving opportunities.
Braaap also promotes up and
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The most appropriate mix that would define the organisational, strategic and operational marketing objective is based on educating and distributing goods to the new upcoming riders.
Product: Clothing and Equipment that are sized to younger consumers
Price: Affordable pricing with the continuation of interest free laybys on other products
Place: Continuing online distribution but spanning out to other areas of distribution that are familiar to the younger generation for example; EBay, Gumtree, etc.….
Promotion: Braaap currently promote themselves through sponsoring and social networking this is an effective form to a younger generation with the inclusion of other media outlets, online advertising; YouTube, Twitter and other areas of electronic communication.
Monitor the performance of the organisation’s products and or services in order to determine which components should/are to be tested.
For Braaap to further improve in their current services is expanding their physical presents throughout Australia with more stores across the nation this allows for more consumers and a competitive edge in the market place with more than on area of distribution, this can be tested in promotion at events that happen in other major cities across Australia with a store presence at the event, this allows Braaap to study and test the market in other areas across Australia.
Evaluate the implications of altering one or

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