Marketing Mix Individual Assignment Essay

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Marketing Mix Individual Assignment
Adrienne Kelley
May 5, 2014

Marketing Mix Individual Assignment
Marketing is essential to the success of a company’s business no matter how big or how small, with the main focus on quality, consumer value and customer satisfaction. The marketing mix is a strategy used in marketing to ensure the primary focus is met on a consistent basis. The four elements of the marketing mix are known as the "Four P's" of marketing. The marketing mix combines these four elements to produce the results it needs to achieve in a specific target market. Many organizations use the four Ps to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. (SmallBizConnect, 2014).
The four major components of the marketing
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Avon’s vision is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women—globally. Avon's mission is focused on six core aspirations the company continually strives to achieve. Listed below are a few of those aspirations in relation to marketing: * Leader in global beauty: Build a unique portfolio of beauty and related brands, striving to surpass competitors in quality, innovation, and value, and elevating Avon's image to become the world's most trusted beauty company. * Women's choice for buying: Become the shopping destination for women, providing a personal, high-touch experience that helps create lifelong customer relationships. * Expand Avon's presence in direct selling. (Avon Products, Inc., 2014).
The primary focus of the Avon company is quality products, consumer value and customer satisfaction. Avon does a very good job with the elements of the marketing mix. Although they are best known for their beauty, household, personal care products, over the past several years they have introduced a great mix of products to their repertoire in an effort to appeal to their target market. Avon does a good job of producing good quality products that have great design elements and are packaged nicely. In addition to beauty and personal skin care products, their product offerings include clothing, shoes, jewelry, various items for babies and children, fitness apparel, and many other

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