Marketing Mix For The New Marketing Opportunity Essay

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2. In relation to your answers in Part A, identify and discuss the possibilities for varying the marketing mix in relation to the new marketing opportunity. For example, looking at varying the price of the product or service, how would this affect promotion? Provide at least four different examples of how varying a marketing mix variable affects another part of the marketing mix variable.

Marketing Mix Varying How varying a marketing mix variable affects another part of the marketing mix variable
Product Increase company product lines, both business attire and casual apparel, including men and women’ pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, blouses, shirts, sweaters, vests, and more.
Pricy clothing accessories including hats, scarves, necklaces, socks, belts, etc also need to come with information tags about the source of the products As a result of increasing company product lines and adding source of the products, there will be an increase in number of customers since the wide selection of products have met their expectations of fashion. This may lead company to expand its distribution channels in order to provide enough stock to customers
Price Small gift items and clothing accessories will be priced under $30 and displayed near the check-out area of the store. Most styles of clothes in the store are priced similarly to company competitors. Some items have a range in price. For example, skirts are marked from $40 to $140 due to the differences in cost of manufactured. Items…

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