Marketing Mix For The Airline Industry Essay

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The world is changing rapidly. Since globalization happened it has changed the way how marketers look at international markets and how consumers perceive international products and services. The amalgamation of technology and science has given the world breakthrough innovations. One innovation which came into focus a little more then a century back was aircrafts. The airline industry came into existence later but has a humongous impact on the way people travel. Different types of airlines cater to distinguished classes. One such airlines is the IndiGo airlines which caters to the needs of middle and the lower sections of the society in India.

IndiGo Airlines positions itself as a “low cost, no frills” airlines. This company being part of the service industry tends to have a high degree of customization as well as customer service relationship. Being a service it has to deal with other P’s excluding the product, price, place and promotion. The marketing mix for a service is extended than that of a product. Marketing mix has got integral role to play in any organization. It is intensively related with the organizations choices of getting a product or a service to a specified market.

“Services marketing planning and execution should focus attention on seven Ps: the traditional four Ps plus three additional market mix elements that are crucial to service success— personnel, physical assets, and process management.”


IndiGo Airlines offers inflight and on ground…

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