Essay on Marketing Mix And Marketing Plan

1936 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
Marketing mix might be considered as the most essential part in marketing. The marketing mix components are basic foundation of a marketing plan. There are four main element of marketing mix which are promotion, product, price and place. These four elements influence each other in marketing mix and they help the corporation make up a business strategy and plan. The business needs to make the product have the right features in order to satisfy customers taste or the customers won’t buy the product. The business also needs to choose the right price of the product because the customer might choose other types product if the price is relatively high than others. Moreover, the place is important and the corporation needs to make sure the product is distributed to consumers conveniently. In addition, great promotion might help the business make great profit. The promotion such as street questionnaire, advertising, personal selling or sales promotion might help the business increase the brand awareness and increase the demand. However, there aren’t exist one element that is most important, each element influence and support each other. Product is one element of marketing mix. It could be the physical goods or service. In order to satisfy the consumer wants, the corporation might offer a combination of goods and services. Moreover, the business needs to create the right product and the firm needs to get fully understand of the target group and its competitors because the goods…

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