Marketing Management Used By Nissan Motor Co. Ltd Essay

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1.0 Introduction

The research demonstrate about the marketing management used by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. It contain the description about the company, role of marketing, the segmentation of their market and their target group and their marketing instruments (4P 's) used and also their SWOT analysis of the company. As we all now Nissan is the Japanese company which is the second largest manufacturer of automobile company in Japan after Toyota. Nissan is mother brand under which it has two other brand Infiniti and Datsun. Nissan is a worldwide organisation which has retail outlet and manufacturing industries all over the world.
1.1 History of Nissan
The founder and first president of Nissan Motor is Yoshisuke Aikawa, he was an entrepreneur and business graduated from Tokyo University. In 1933, he established Jidosha Seizo Co. Ltd., in Yokohama with two holding companies in December 26. But in next year the corporate company was changed as Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., and 100% of investors were Nihon Sangyo Co. Ltd., during general meeting of shareholders in June 1933 (Nissan Motor Corporation, 2014). After that the company has showed a drastic change in their fourth coming years.
Nissan truck was introduced in a year of 1941 and their first overseas production factory was established in Taiwan at Yulon Motor Co. Ltd., in 1959 and exported passenger car to US in a same year. In 1960, Nissan Motor Corporation was established in US. Later, Nissan also manufactured marine engine for…

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