Marketing Management : Branding Concepts Essay

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Marketing Management, branding concepts strategies used is everything is every aspect of education I enjoy. The complexities of the business world have become more visible, in the way it is changing and how to adapt in order to construct passages to success is something I can apply to my life and wish to continue to learn more about it.
Being a studious and strong-minded person academically I knew that a degree in University would be the next stage I am certain I want to take. Since I have started my A levels in Business Studies it has allowed me to perceive the way companies operate too much higher standards of understanding and within learning this the Marketing sector had drawn me in. I have become more interested and find enjoyment within this unit wanting me to further follow a career in the Marketing sector of Business.
My interest for Business Studies has sparked from GCSE as I had taken the subject then and have come to uncover Marketing and found in my opinion that it’s, being the most influential division of a Business, giving the businesses a clear sense of direction and targets. Doing this has lead to me choosing the subject as an A-Level and I am determined to pursue it as a degree to follow my passion into a successful career.
While at sixth form I contributed in various activities in order to challenge my organisation skills alone and balance these activities and duties alongside my subjects. I have managed to do well in keeping up to date with all…

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