Marketing Management's Ability to Develop and Maintain Successful Transactions with Its Target Customers

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Executive summary "Macroenvironmental forces The larger societal forces that affect the whole microenvironment - demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces." - Kotler et al Macroenvironmental forces need to be studied by organisations as they can both provide opportunities and pose threats. The fast-food industry is a consumer service; two organisations that operate in the fast-food industry are McDonald's and Hungry Jack's. McDonald's was chosen

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This means that marketers in the fast-food industry (and other industries) are having to market their services and products at different target markets as many of the current markets are becoming smaller and smaller. For example, McDonald's have recently started aiming advertising campaigns at the elderly and offer free tea and coffee to the 60 plus age group.
The changing family - Another trend in the demographic environment is the characteristics of families. No longer is mum, dad and 2.4 children the norm. The number of married couples with children is declining while the number of one person and single parent households is continuing to increase.
Geographic shifts in population - As the population grows it also expands and shifts geographically. For fast-food services this means that they may need to shift location or open new stores to keep up with demand.
Increasing ethnic diversity - Overseas immigration has led to an increase in not only population but also the ethnic diversity of Australia. The impact this has on a market such as the fast-food industry includes understanding different cultures and tastes; Hungry Jack's have introduced promotions like the "Satay burger" to cater for Asian tastes.
2.2 Economic forces

"Factors that affect consumer buying power and spending patterns"
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